Digital transformation is hard. We’ve been there.
Let's build human-centered government together.
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Why It Matters

We’re at a critical juncture for building digital infrastructure in government.

Digital tools allow you to meet residents where they are, opening new channels for engagement, and reaching your most vulnerable populations.

However, technology and constituent expectations are quickly changing, outpacing the speed that government can transform.

When not done well, digital transformation is costly, it is a liability, and it erodes confidence in government.

Cities and states are running headlong into building and buying digital solutions, finding themselves in uncharted territory and with little guidance.

That’s why we’re here. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’re here to help.

Our Team

As public servants we brought best practices in technology and design to bear on the most difficult challenges in government.

Lauren Lockwood


Former Chief Digital Officer
City of Boston

Aaron Ogle


Former Director of Civic Technology
City of Philadelphia

Emily Wright-Moore


Former UX Lead,
United States Digital Service

Simone Brody

Executive Director, What Works Cities

Jascha Franklin-Hodge


Former CIO
City of Boston

Aaron Snow

CEO, Canadian Digital Service

Former Executive Director

What We Do

We provide local and state governments with a spectrum of support — from immersive workshops to highly tailored technical assistance.


We'll help you identify gaps in your in-house skills, expand the skills of your existing team, and attract new talent.

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We'll work with you to scope digital service projects, draft and review procurement documents, and evaluate your options.

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We’ll equip you with everything from a digital service roadmap to plain language guidelines so you can scale your impact.

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Digital transformation shouldn't be the sole job of outsiders or a central digital team. We’ll help you empower any department.

"We have four people retiring. How should we update their job descriptions so we can deliver better digital services?"

We will:
  • Review team structure; meet with team to understand needs and identify gaps
  • Rewrite job descriptions
  • Help you attract and evaluate candidates

"We want to test some of our services with users, but we've never done usability testing before. How should we begin?"

We will:
  • Conduct a hands-on workshop, giving your team first hand experience conducting user research
  • Deliver user research "playbook" for future projects

"We’re interested in starting a small but mighty digital team. What roles will we need and how do we start?"

We will:
  • Identify pressing needs and opportunities for a digital service team in your organization
  • Propose team organizational structure
  • Develop hiring and team development plan
  • Help you attract and evaluate candidates


We'll help you make sure that your technology is designed around the needs of your users, is right-sized for your situation, and is adaptable to a rapidly changing environment.

"Our department wants to keep track of who we interact with and improve our outreach to them. Do we need software for that? How much can we do with a limited budget?"

We will:
  • Lead you through discovery exercises to understand your needs and goals
  • Set up and test a prototype to help define your needs
  • Develop a plan for building or buying a full scale solution

"We'd like to work with agile vendors, but it's so different than what we've always done. What should we look for in an agile contract to make sure we get what need?"

We will:
  • Examine documents from vendor
  • Identify any red flags or opportunities
  • Provide recommendations to minimize project risk
  • Outline performance metrics to ensure the project stays on track

"We released an RFP to help youth in our city discover various programs. The proposals we received vary widely. How should we evaluate the different options?"

We will:
  • Review the RFP, meet with the team to understand your goals
  • Conduct user research (if not done already)
  • Provide detailed pros/cons for each proposal


We’ll arm you with digital service best practices, establish content and engagement strategies, and help you leverage data to meet your goals.

"Our forms contain a lot of complex language. We want to make them more readable for the average resident. How do we approach a large content re-write?"

We will:
  • Audit existing content
  • Help you establish plain language writing guidelines
  • Develop a plan for re-writing content based on those guidelines, using outside help as needed

"We want to provide a digital order form for birth certificates. How should we go about this, and can/should we digitize multiple services at the same time?"

We will:
  • Conduct user research with internal and external users
  • Outline different options, including buying or building a solution
  • Devise a roadmap for implementing the tool in this and other use cases

"We're increasingly using social media to engage residents. What processes or policies should we have in place to make sure we use social media effectively and responsibly?

We will:
  • Review current social media use and policies
  • Provide best practices in social media governance
  • Develop a strategy with you for growing and engaging your audience

Our Inspiration

A woefully incomplete list of cities and government agencies doing awesome work in the open.

Austin, TX


City of Austin

District of Columbia

The Lab @ DC

District of Columbia

Gilbert, AZ

Office of Digital Government

City of Gilbert

San Francisco, CA

Digital Services Team

City of San Francisco

Boston, MA

Digital Team

City of Boston

Philadelphia, PA

Office of Open Data and Digital Transformation

City of Philadelphia

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